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The Ugliness of Fur

December 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Yesterday (12/23) I had to finish some last minute shopping and while doing so I came across a stunningly beautiful women.  Unfortunately for her and I, the fur coat she was wearing made her just as stunningly ugly.  Now let it be said that the coat could have been faux fur but since everything about her seemed to scream “hey look at me” I don’t think it was.

As I passed her my initial thoughts were not only about her beauty but also about the activists you hear and read about on TV and in newspapers that in a piccasoesque moments throw paint on people for wearing fur coats.  Now of course I do not advocate nor would participate in such an act because I know its just not in me to do so nor could it bring about any positive outcome.  Anyhow, I also thought about the young womens rational for wearing a fur coat.  I wondered if she ever thought about the pain, suffering and loss of life that went into the making of her coat.  Any reasonably intelligent person knows what goes into the production of a fur coat and since I assume the young women was reasonably intelligent I realized she placed her vanity above everything else.  Is vanity worth it?  Its obvious that to some it does.  On a positive note it seems as though the wearing of a fur coats is in a decline because it is not as socially acceptable as it once was.  If for some reason you need to experience the  “look” then try a faux one.  Not only will it save you a ton of money, it will also save lives!