Merry Christmas

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The Ugliness of Fur

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Yesterday (12/23) I had to finish some last minute shopping and while doing so I came across a stunningly beautiful women.  Unfortunately for her and I, the fur coat she was wearing made her just as stunningly ugly.  Now let it be said that the coat could have been faux fur but since everything about her seemed to scream “hey look at me” I don’t think it was.

As I passed her my initial thoughts were not only about her beauty but also about the activists you hear and read about on TV and in newspapers that in a piccasoesque moments throw paint on people for wearing fur coats.  Now of course I do not advocate nor would participate in such an act because I know its just not in me to do so nor could it bring about any positive outcome.  Anyhow, I also thought about the young womens rational for wearing a fur coat.  I wondered if she ever thought about the pain, suffering and loss of life that went into the making of her coat.  Any reasonably intelligent person knows what goes into the production of a fur coat and since I assume the young women was reasonably intelligent I realized she placed her vanity above everything else.  Is vanity worth it?  Its obvious that to some it does.  On a positive note it seems as though the wearing of a fur coats is in a decline because it is not as socially acceptable as it once was.  If for some reason you need to experience the  “look” then try a faux one.  Not only will it save you a ton of money, it will also save lives!

Animal Testing and The Cosmetic Industry

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*It’s important to note that not all cosmetic companies engage in animal testing.  For a list of companies that do and do not engage in animal testing please visit Peta for comprehensive lists

Tis the season to be jolly; not for the animals that are used as test subjects for the cosmetic industry. While doing your holiday shopping this season I urge you to think about the potential gifts you buy for your loved ones.  More specifically think about the way the product came to fruition.  Products such as cosmetics often used archaic testing methods such as the Draize test to determine the potential reaction a human user would have to the product.  What is a Draize test you ask?  According to an article published on the Scientific American website, “the test involves applying a small amount of the substance under study to an animal’s eye or skin for several hours, and then observing whether or not irritation occurs over the following week or two. In most cases the animal subjects—usually albino rabbits bred for the lab—are put to death after the sometimes maiming and often painful test” (Scientific American, August, 2009).  To me the words albino rabbits, painful test and put to death shouldn’t be found in the same sentence.

The Effects of a Draize Test

The Draize test is just one of a multitude of tests that can legally be performed on animals.  Other tests include Acute Toxicity and Repeated Dose Toxicity tests.  Acute Toxicity testing is used to “determine the danger of exposure to a chemical by mouth, skin, or inhalation. For decades, acute toxicity testing meant poisoning large numbers of animals in Lethal Dose 50 (LD50) tests, which are conducted until at least one half of the test animals die” (American Anti-Vivisection Society).  Unlike the Acute Toxicity test where the test animal is given a single dose to determine toxicity the Repeated Dose Toxicity tests looks to determine long-term effects and enable the evaluation of organ damage by giving repeated doses.  Rodents are not the only test subjects used for AT and the RDT tests, dogs may also be required to be used by some regulating agency’s.

As stated earlier there is a multitude of tests that are, can and will be conducted on test animals of various species that are perfectly legal and deadly.  I urge you the consumer and you the compassionate human being to visit sites like the American Anti-Vivisection Society to educate yourself before you buy.  Remember compassion starts in your heart animal testing stops with your wallet!

Vick & Eagles: OxyMORON

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I know this is somewhat of an old topic but why let it go away so fast.  As a matter of principle we shouldn’t let it go-away.  It should be a constant reminder to all of the criminal element in our world that animal abuse will not be tolerated nor will it just go-away.  Michael Vick had a real chance at making a difference in the world.  He was a top athlete and in the public eye, some would even say he was at the top of his game. With all of this being said there is one undeniable fact, he blew it.  He let society down and even worse yet he let our children down.  He is a despicable human being that should always be reminded of what he has done which is successfully become a criminal and an animal abuser.   Just like a person who has murdered or raped he has inflicted irreversible psychological damage to himself, his family and society.  To make matters worse the NFL and the Philadelphia Eagles have chosen to condone Michael Vick’s despicable and unforgiving actions and allow him to return to the lime-lite.  I for one will never watch another football game again!  I’m not asking or telling you, the reader, to follow my lead.  What I am doing is asking you, the reader, to rely on your inner compassion and decide for your self whether you will continue to support Vick, the NFL and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Another Successful Year For Sea Shepherd!

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It looks like Capt. Paul Watson and his crew of Sea Shepherds had another successful year by saving 528 whales from the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean.  The campaign was titled Operation Waltzing Matilda and according to Sea Shepherd it was “the most ambitious and effective campaign to defend the great whales that we have ever undertaken”(link).  Although the campaign was successful it came at a high cost.  The Ady Gil was rammed and sunk by the Shonan Maru 2, the Bob Barker was rammed by Yushin Maru 3 and suffered some hull damage and finally Captain Bethune was taking prisoner by the Japanese after he boarded a Japanese whaling vessel and attempted to make a citizens arrest.  Kudos to Captain Bethune for his gallantry and dedication to protecting whales.  I wish Sea Shepherd well with there upcoming Antarctic whale defense campaign Operation No Compromise!