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Vick & Eagles: OxyMORON

December 11, 2010 Leave a comment

I know this is somewhat of an old topic but why let it go away so fast.  As a matter of principle we shouldn’t let it go-away.  It should be a constant reminder to all of the criminal element in our world that animal abuse will not be tolerated nor will it just go-away.  Michael Vick had a real chance at making a difference in the world.  He was a top athlete and in the public eye, some would even say he was at the top of his game. With all of this being said there is one undeniable fact, he blew it.  He let society down and even worse yet he let our children down.  He is a despicable human being that should always be reminded of what he has done which is successfully become a criminal and an animal abuser.   Just like a person who has murdered or raped he has inflicted irreversible psychological damage to himself, his family and society.  To make matters worse the NFL and the Philadelphia Eagles have chosen to condone Michael Vick’s despicable and unforgiving actions and allow him to return to the lime-lite.  I for one will never watch another football game again!  I’m not asking or telling you, the reader, to follow my lead.  What I am doing is asking you, the reader, to rely on your inner compassion and decide for your self whether you will continue to support Vick, the NFL and the Philadelphia Eagles.